New Immunity Products


CANVAS + STRATEGIC - Efficient Real-time Red Team Collaboration

With STRATEGIC your team can now be split up into two roles: Commanders and Operators.

Operators use the familiar CANVAS user interface, whereas Commanders have a specialized interface designed for real-time situational awareness of all of their Operator’s attacks.

Commanders can group Operators into sub-teams that focus on one aspect of the mission or Commanders can monitor multiple teams preforming different missions all at the same time. Communication is streamlined within STRATEGIC with a fully logged IRC-like chat feature built in.

Watch STRATEGIC in action here.

STRATEGIC is now integrated into CANVAS.

INNUENDO – An Advanced Penetration Testing tool for modeling Advanced Attackers

INNUENDO raises the bar for the state of the art in persistence and data exfiltration solutions. Based on a flexible, modular architecture, INNUENDO offers nation-grade advanced attack capabilities to commercial penetration testing teams.

SWARM - Large-Scale Reconnaissance and Exploitation

Traditionally penetration testing tools target hosts one at a time. SWARM differs in that it can deploy any CANVAS module, exploit or reconnaissance tool against large sections of a cyber range in minutes to hours.

SWARM is fast enough to run multiple times a day against even the biggest set of IPs. This allows for massive returns during your testing and modeling.

SWARM is designed to scale! Need quicker results or attacks against larger ranges? Just add additional VMs to the micro-cloud.

DIGITAL EXECUTIVE PROTECTION (DEP) - a Personalized Bodyguard for your Critical Assets.

This kind of hands-on managed analysis service allows Immunity to effectively resolve false positives from your normal business activity, while zooming in on any potential threats. Which in turn allows you to take immediate executive action against emerging threats.

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